Your Epoxy Resin Specialists ... Give Us A Call Perhaps we Can Help !! Parts being built with Premium Resin Tech materials !!
Your Epoxy Resin Specialists ... Give Us A Call Perhaps we Can Help !!  Parts being built with Premium Resin Tech materials !!

 Welcome to R & D Resin LLC       Premium Resin Tech. LLC

R&D Resin LLC provides composites consulting for specialty epoxy formulations, and Premium Resin Tech. LLC is a custom epoxy formulation company dedicated to helping customers improve their product with inventory control and a variety of cost-effective resin product offerings.


We offer over 63 variations on room-temperature and high-temperature epoxy resins used both to mold parts and to produce tooling (to mold parts).  These products find use in a variety of industries including: aerospace, automotive, sports equipment, medical, marine, and military. 


Unlike multinational compounders, we focus on customizing all our products to meet the specific needs of our customers' applications and processes. Company principals have been directly involved in the formulation of new polymer products for over 35 years and have strong track records in improving formulation characteristics, customizing products to the needs of specific industries, and helping their customers achieve great results again and again.


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Products Made with our Resin

Carbon Signatures

Carbon Signatures, in Cummings GA, is producing some very high quality specialty items for high end car enthusiast.


Supervettes, in Stuart, Florida is producing a variety of custom components for late model Corvettes. These guys have it all when it comes to customizing your dream Vette. 



"Bulletproof" Athletic Protector in High Ridge, MO uses Premium Resin Tech resin's to produce protective male athletic cups that literally are "bulletproof." See the video on youtube.

Carbon Composite Telescope Tubes

To ensure the focal plane of larger telescopes doesn't shift as temperatures drop, Public Missles, Ltd. in Grant Twp. MI uses Premium Resin Tech resins to produce large, lightweight, and high-tech telescope tubes.

100% Carbon Fiber M1A Rifle Stock

AG Composites located in Alabama, produces these M1A rifle stocks using a specially formulated resin from Premium Resin Tech LLC. 

Bar Top Clear Resin

Refurbished table with clear coat encapsulating decrative keys in table top.

Sankuer Composites Carbon Fiber Guitar

Sankuer Composites is making Carbon Fiber Guitars using only the best Epoxy Resins.

Gemini Technology/Jordan Racing

East Troy, WI,  Building Carbon RTM Bodies for Vintage Mustang Kits. 

Supervettes, Cummings GA

If your a Corvette enthusiast then Supervettes is the place to go for your next upgrade!!

UofM 2018 MRacing.

Supporting our Future............... Industry Leader.

Georgia Tech Electric Vehicle

Supporting our Future............... Industry Leader.

University of Alabama

Alabama Crimsen Tide uses Premium Resin Tech materials for all there Composite needs !!

University of Alabama

Alabama Crimsen Tide uses Premium Resin Tech materials for all there Composite needs !!

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