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Your Epoxy Resin Specialists ... Give Us A Call Perhaps we Can Help !! Parts being built with Premium Resin Tech materials !!
Your Epoxy Resin Specialists ... Give Us A Call Perhaps we Can Help !!  Parts being built with Premium Resin Tech materials !!

Our Products & Services




At Premium Resin Tech. LLC, we provide a full line of products used to produce tooling built with fiberglass or carbon fiber-reinforced epoxy. These tools are used to mold thermoplastic (room temperature) or thermoset (elevated temperature) parts used in a variety of industries.  


To simplify ordering, we offer our customers a full line of materials to produce their tooling, including:

  • Resin
  • Hardener
  • Surface Coatings
  • Fiberglass Reinforcement (chopped strand, unidirectional rovings, or woven fabrics)
  • Carbon Fiber Reinforcement (woven fabrics)
  • Tooling Dough
  • Perishable Amenities (e.g. tooling intensifier rubber mat)


In addition to off-the-shelf products, we are custom formulators who can customize these tooling resins to meet specific customer and application needs.


We believe in mentoring our customers to help them improve the products they provide to their own customers. Through R&D Resin LLC, we offer specialty epoxy composites consulting services to customers who need help with design, materials selection, and processing.


Below is a selection of some of the products Premium Resin Tech offers. If type is too small in the four tables below, a downloadable PDF is provided with the same information.



Premium Resin Tech Product Offerings (as of 3/28/17)
Premium Resin Tech Product Offerings (as[...]
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