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Your Epoxy Resin Specialists ... Give Us A Call Perhaps we Can Help !! Parts being built with Premium Resin Tech materials !!
Your Epoxy Resin Specialists ... Give Us A Call Perhaps we Can Help !!  Parts being built with Premium Resin Tech materials !!

Our Differences

There are many places you can purchase custom-formulated epoxy resins. However, you should know how Premium Resin Tech. LLC is different.


Versus multinational resin companies and compounders, we...

  • Sell direct. Because we don't use multiple layers of distributors, our products are more cost-effective.
  • Are a flat organization.  Being small, there are fewer layers between our customers and our formulators. That means we can be faster as well as more accurate. 
  • Really understand our products.  At a time when many large organizations have cut back on their front-line technical support personnel, losing technical knowhow and alienating customers, we are experts in our field and keep abreast of the latest technology improvements.
  • Own our own IP.  Our product line formulas are proprietary and the intellectual property (IP) of R&D Resin LLC. -- something that definitely sets us apart from many other resin formuators. Our formulations perform better and are more cost-effective than those of our competitors, and they are delivered to customers with impeccable service.
  • Manufacture in the U.S.  Many of the larger companies produce product off shore, which adds transporation costs to the bottom line. It also can raise questions about availability during times of severe weather, geopolitical unrest, and supply-chain issues.
  • Put our customer first.  Every order is an important order to us. You may find that a refreshing change, whether you're ordering 1 kg or 1,000 kg.



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